Numbering Price Marking

Numbering and Price marking stickers are manufactured using high quality vellum paper and are tensioned appropriately to run smoothly in any labeling machine. Numbering stickers are specially manufactured for the textile industry and are available in variety of adhesive types and strengths.

SS 3 - Permanent acrylic adhesive with light adhesion. Suitable for soft fabrics as it leaves no stain and has a minimum impact on the fabric

SS 4+ - Strong permanent acrylic adhesive with light adhesion. Suitable for most fabrics.

SS 5++ - Strong permanent acrylic adhesive that is suitable for many types of fabrics.

SS Strong - Hot melt adhesive for fabrics which require high bondage where other types of adhesive fail to hold on to fabrics.

These stickers are available in a range of colours and can be customized to suit your requirement. Price marking stickers are available in single, double and triple layer lines.