Thermal Transfer Ribbons

A Thermal Transfer ribbon is the consumable that contains the ink required for printing. With a nearly identical exterior appearance, ribbons vary by the properties of the Thermal Transfer film (back coating, polyester film, ink layer(s)) and also by all of the components that make up the roll (core, ribbon end trailer and ribbon start leader​).

When selecting a thermal transfer ribbon one must consider the following,

  • The selected ribbon type should print on the selected substrate
  • The printed matter must last a particular period of time. It should not fade away due to elements.
  • What you printed should be readable when scanned.

Unless these requirements are met, the purpose of using a bar coding system has no value. Therefore, it is extremely necessary to keep in mind to choose the right ribbon for your job knowing well the ability of your printer. A good quality ribbon should possess the following characteristics;

  • Applicability
  • Printability
  • Durability
  • Readability

Thermal transfer ribbons converted at SS Labels are available in WAX, WAX RESIN, RESIN & NEAR-EDGE RESIN varieties in any size and suitable for any printer. Also we market the coloured ribbons.